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    Sourcing services

    As a professional sourcing agent based in Morocco, we have the advantage of knowing all the best local places to find the highest quality items at the most reasonable prices. We speak the local language and understand the local customs.

    We are providing the following services to buyers, interior designers, brands, from other countries:

    • Finding the right source for our clients which helps them save time and money.
    • Developing the new design and samples, according to the buyer’s requirement.
    • Doing regular production follow ups, applying quality control measures and doing shipment inspections on the buyer’s behalf so that they receive the shipments in good shape and in time.
    • Consolidation of shipments and containers, liaising with custom house agents and shipping agents.
    • Representing buyers and looking after their interest in the country of production.

    We can perfectly source long distance for you if you cannot come to Morocco! Thanks to Zoom, WhatsApp and emails,  communication has never been that easy! We will share photos, prices, condition of products, samples… Everything you need before shipping it!

    There’s nothing we can’t find for you, and there is no order too big or too small.


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